“Project Palmero”: Hit or Miss?



by Chelsea Pitts

If you’re interested in DIY projects, PROJECT! Palmero is the blog for you! The author does a phenomenal job of organizing the information and keeping their blog up to date and current. In addition to the well-organized and entertaining information that is displayed on this blog, it is obvious that the author abided by the principles laid out in C.R.A.P.

Contrast is the first element that any viewer will see; sometimes without even noticing it. The background of this blog seems to very plain, however there was purpose behind the white. When using white, any other color that is put up against it will stand out, especially when pictures are posted. Your attention is automatically drawn to the picture and what the post is about because you’re not distracted by everything going on with the theme of the blog. Also, the author chose to align all categories on the right side. By using black, as well as larger titles, contrast is a natural element for this blog.

The consistent theme of black, white, and gray that runs throughout this blog gives a clean-cut feel to the blog while maintaining the organization of the information. Under each category, you will always see the date, author, tags, and where the post is filed under at the top of the post. The repetition of the information keeps the blog organized and user-friendly. By the repetition of design and color, the author builds the audience’s confidence in their work, design, and information.

catsEven her cats are falling in suit with the black and white theme.

Everything within the post was purposefully placed on the page. At the top, the navigation tools are clearly placed for all users to be able to find where they want to go. On each page, if it’s involved with a post or the information you’re requesting, it’s going to be placed on the left side of the page. Anything else, such as email subscription, categories, the search box, blogroll, and recent posts, are on the left side of the page. The placing and alignment of these objects creates an organized feel for the entire blog. Each page has this layout.

The final principle, proximity, is found throughout the entire blog, and it’s more evident within the theme and layout of the blog than the actual post. Each page (home, about, project gallery, post archive) has that certain information on it. You’re not bogged down with trying to find your way through old posts and disorganized information. Everything that is related is grouped together on a separate page–exactly how a blog should be!

I would say that PROJECT! Palmero is certainly a hit in the blogging world. The contrast captures your attention, the content keeps your attention and the organization and user-friendliness keeps you coming back for more!

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  1. Your post popped up in my WordPress Stats and I excitedly clicked over to find out if projectpalermo.com is a hit or a miss: I’m happy to see I landed in the former category! Thanks for checking out my blog.

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